Megan and her team go above and beyond. I was buying my house and a major wildfire broke out. Megan masterfully negotiated around the issue and made all the necessary adjustments to come to a successful close. Her team always stepped up and made all the difference in the world. I would definitely recommend her and her team and I would use them again myself.

John V.

Megan is a hard worker and a true professional! I would hire her as your realtor with utmost confidence! Thank you Megan for helping me!

Laura P.

Megan was great to work with! As a first time home buyer she was helpful at explaining all the details in every stage of the process. I had a really specific set of requirements, and she was willing to wait until the right house came along instead of pressuring me into one that wasn’t perfect. The house I ended up with was better than I ever imagined when I started the process, and it was because of Megan’s ability to understand my goals and work with me to accomplish them. Thanks!

Melina M.

Working with Team House Hunter was above and beyond any previous real estate experience. Planning a move to another state, while leaving behind a home that needed to be sold, is extremely stressful, not to mention emotional. Team House Hunter exceled in their organization and communication, making sure my husband and I were involved and informed in every step of the process, even from multiple states away. We both received almost daily emails from Elissa, jokingly titled “your competition”, showing us the other homes for sale in the area. She even offered to take us through another home for sale in the neighborhood. Megan and Elissa also included us throughout their whole pre-sale marketing strategy. We were notified at each step (when photos were taken, when the video walk through was being shot, etc.) and even got a sneak peek at all the marketing material before it was printed and sent. We also received emails from Megan at each milestone during the process (“Congratulations! Your home is live on MLS!” or “We have mutual acceptance!”) keeping us up-to-date with the progress and giving us an idea of what we could expect next. In the end, it was their caring and empathetic attitude towards me, and my attachment to our first home, that helped me through this sale. It is evident Team House Hunter has not only the knowledge and experience but also that they love their job and their clients. We cannot recommend Team House Hunter enough, should we ever move back to CA, there is no doubt about who we would use to find a home.

Ben & Krystle F.

Megan Archer and Team House Hunter were very professional and provided a great service in helping us to sell our home and purchase a new home. It was obvious to us from the start that Megan was an experienced real estate agent, and provided reassurance and confidence about the entire selling/buying journey we were started. Throughout the process, Team House Hunter did an excellent job of marketing and selling our Boulder Creek home, which we sold for the price we wanted. We found the perfect new home thanks to Megan and her team, and they helped guide us through the entire inspection and purchasing process. The bottom line for us is that we love our new home and were very satisfied with the sale price of our old home, and are very thankful that we placed our trust in Megan and Team House Hunter to get us through from beginning to end. We certainly recommend Megan and Team House Hunter to anyone looking to maximize the sale price of their existing home and finding that perfect new home.

Chris & Teresa O.

We have been in our home for a bit over three years now and still enjoy visiting with our wonderful Realtor Megan! She truly is one of a kind: intelligent, hard working, is an expert in her field and, importantly, also has a heart of gold.
A few years ago we had resigned ourselves to buying a condo as a starter home but Megan found us a short-sale house in a great neighborhood and worked EXTREMELY hard to help us be the ones who got to call it home.
I continue to use Megan as a resource when I have questions about our home – from appliance questions, insurance queries, assessments, taxes, and all the crazy paperwork that goes with owning a home.
I had been scared to work with a Realtor because of all the stories I had heard. I am so happy I found Megan and I refer to her my family and friends because I know she will take care of them. Buying a home is inherently stressful but she helped us keep perspective and to really understand the process. She was truly a guide through an unfamiliar realm.
Who would have thought that three years after buying our house I would call up my Realtor to come hang out with me in my back yard and romp around with me and my daughter?
I cannot sing Megan’s praises high enough – she is truly a gem.

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Adam & Melissa R

I have been using Megan Archer as my real estate agent for the past 3 homes that I have sold and bought. She is outstanding! I have had past Realtor’s that just want to get me into a home, get their commission, and then dump me. In fact, one past Realtor encouraged me to buy a house that had extensive foundation issues, which we found out about after the fact! But this would NEVER happen with Megan. She fully investigates each and every property we have ever considered buying, to let us know the pluses and minuses of the purchase. Megan is extremely thorough, and wants the home that you buy to be right for YOU. We have made considerable profits on our past two homes that we have sold, thanks to Megan. She found us the good deals, got us in at a great price, then helped us to later sell those homes above our asking prices. Megan is honest, up-front, reliable, and gets the job done. I will continue to use her for all my real-estate needs.

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Melissa B.

Megan is a fantastic Realtor   Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she’s also very patient.  We worked with Megan for over two years on the purchase of home.  We almost closed on our first place, but ended up backing out in the dying moments.  Megan kept her head down, didn’t pressure us and ultimately found us a great home in a better location.  She was always willing to answer our questions and she consistently made the long drive up to the east bay to show us properties – total commitment on her part.  Not only would I use Megan for future property transactions, I would gladly refer her to anyone interesting in selling/buying a home.  You can’t go wrong……

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Brett & Cristina P.

My experience with Megan Archer has been great.  I have know her since she was a young girl and when we decided to sell our home we called her.  The thing about Megan is she is very smart and very reliable. When we sold our home in Almaden in 2008 in 40 days you could really see a difference between our agent and our buyers agent.  She helped us before we put it on the market by taking us to all the homes for sale in our area so we could see for ourselves what the competition was.  She explained to us what we should do before we put it on the market to get us the most money.  After the sale we bought a home in Paso Robles and again we used Megan.  She went through the homes in Paso with us and helped us choose the home we now have.  We bought a new home and she helped negotiate our upgrades and even helped us find a great lender.  I love her and will always use her.  She has even helped our daughter with her first home.  I think Megan is great and I’m lucky to have her as a friend and my realtor.  She is the only one I will ever use!

Heino & Vicki D.

We were amazed how quickly Megan was able to sell our investment property. She is a true professional, was always available to answer our questions, coordinated all the repairs, and marketed the home throughout all Los Gatos even before it was for sale. Ultimately, she sold the home in 5 days, all cash, above our asking price and with a 10 day close. We couldn’t be happier and will definitely use her in the future!

Jim & Bev F.